Camping PINK

What is Camping PINK?

We are a family-run camping business that has been in existence for over 20 years. Already in the times of the Austria Ring, we opened our campsite for the big events. In the meantime, the small, fine camping site has developed into a large camping area. The ongoing expansions and improvements are due to the motorsport passion of the operators, the brother and sister team Karl and Helmut Mayer, who want to offer all motorsport fans a cosy "camping home" around the events at the Red Bull Ring. This gives you the opportunity to experience the racing action up close.

The camping area managed by us covers a total of 250,000 m² and is divided into the following areas

  • Camping PINK at Birkmoarhof
  • Camping PINK Mayer/Baumessner
  • Camping PINK Premium
Difference Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof and Camping PINK Premium?

The name Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof (to Formula 1, to MotoGP) is derived from the vulgar name of the farm Birkmoar. This is where the camping got its start decades ago. Since the beginning, great care has been taken to ensure clean and well-maintained sanitary facilities. The covered courtyard area invites you to sit together with food and drink and offers a party programme in the evenings. Lush green camping meadows on level pitches and pitches with a slope characterise the areal. You will get pitches with 30 m² or in case of booking ,overlength' up to 50 m² to have enough space for your camping equipment. Camping PINK Mayer/Baumessner is directly adjacent.

At Camping PINK Premium you will enjoy camping comfort at a high level. A unique event village rises to the Formula 1, inviting you to immerse yourself in a great motorsport weekend. Spacious pitches of 48 m² (6 x 8 m) or 70 m² (7 x 10 m) if you book ,extra length' and high-quality sanitary facilities ensure an unforgettable camping stay. All this is rounded off with a gastro and event area that shines with culinary delights and entertainment.

Where is Camping PINK located?

What distinguishes all three areas is the unique location, because you are staying in the immediate vicinity of the Red Bull Ring. This means you are very close to the entrance North/Schönberg, as well as the main entrance Start-Finish. The walking distance from the campsite to our catering and sanitary facilities is no more than 5 minutes, and to the Red Bull Ring itself, around 10-15 minutes.

Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof: Birkachweg 19, A-8724 Spielberg
Camping PINK Premium: Birkachweg 17, A-8724 Spielberg

Do you act sustainably?

We do what we do with passion and thoughtfulness so that we act in an environmentally and socially conscious way. Our goal is to leave a positive footprint on nature and society and to encourage our campers to get involved. In this way, we consciously want to help shape the future in a sustainable way and make it fit for the future. For example, in the catering area we only use materials for cups and place settings that are obtained from sustainable raw materials.

Please choose the products you take to the campsite according to the aspects of sustainability and carbon footprint. You will receive garbage bags upon arrival. At the area you will find garbage islands, where you can find separation possibilities. Please help us to avoid and separate waste, thank you!

Opening times, arrival and departure

When is Camping PINK open?

Formula 1 Grand Prix 2023:
Wednesday, 28.06.2023 - Monday, 03.07.2023 *

MotoGP 2023:
Wednesday, 16.08.2023 - Monday, 21.08.2023 *

* Dates subject to change by the organisers

What are the check-in times?

Check-in opening hours:

  • Wednesday, 12 till 11 pm
  • Thursday and Friday, 07 to 23
  • Saturday, 07 till 18

With Saturday, 6 pm the campsite will be closed. Reserved/paid bookings lose their validity from this time. Access outside the above check-in times is NOT possible without exception. However, we offer you the possibility to wait directly at our check-in on a small green area until you can drive into the campsite.

What are the requirements for entry at the campsite? What are the entry requirements?

Please see the currently valid entry requirements here. These requirements apply to our camping operations. Please note: Proofs are accepted in German or English.

Which options do I have to pay? Is it possible to pay with Maestro or credit card?

At the check-in during arrival, you can only pay in cash (€). At the campsite, you can pay in the catering area in cash (€), as well as with Maestro and credit cards.

There are ATMs at the main entrance of the Red Bull Ring (Red Bull Ring Str. 1, A-8724 Spielberg), or in the nearest shopping town Knittelfeld (about 5 km).

When can I leave the campsite?

From experience, the departure routes from the Camping PINK area are officially released from around 20:00. The time may vary and is exclusively a requirement of the authorities. We have no influence on this!

Booking process

Where can I book which events?

We open our camping operation around the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the MotoGP. Please make campsite bookings at www.spielberg-camping.at. You will find parking spaces for multi-track and single-track vehicles (each separately) per event.

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail immediately after your booking. Please make sure that your input data is correct (correct e-mail address). If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your spam account - the confirmation could also end up here.

You will usually receive a legally valid order confirmation with all detailed documents within 24 hours (bookings on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays will be confirmed on the following working day).

Do children pay for camping?

Children do not pay any fee for camping at the Green Area until they are 14 years old (if the child is 13 years old at check-in, no camping fees are payable).

What are the cancellation and refund conditions?

In the case of a reservation paid in advance online or by credit card and not cancelled within 14 days free of charge, there is no refund of the amount paid, except in cases of force majeure or the existence of objectively important reasons such as the cessation of the business basis.

Cancellation fees do not apply until one week before the event. In the week before the event, 50% of the total price will be charged. In case of no-show without prior cancellation, 100% of the price will be charged.

In the event of early departure, a refund of fees is excluded.

Postponement of event date - what happens to my booking?

If the organiser changes the date of the event, the camping booking will change accordingly. If the event is cancelled by the organiser, the camping bookings remain valid for the next event.

What happens to my campsite reservation in the case of an event cancellation or date change due to Covid 19?

You can have pitch bookings rebooked to other dates or reclaim the amount of money. To do so, please send an email to booking@spielberg-camping.at. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who can I contact for booking questions?

Please email questions to booking@spielberg-camping.at. We will get back to you as soon as possible - Monday to Friday within 24 hours. Weekend enquiries may take longer.

What are the office hours of Camping PINK?

General office hours: Monday - Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

Office hours 1 June to mid-August:Monday - Sunday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 21:00


Pitches for multi-trailer vehicles at Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof

You get a comfortable 30 m² pitch for a maximum of 6 people, 1 vehicle and 2 tents to have enough space for your camping equipment. Would you like more space? Then book "extra length" and get a pitch area of 50 m².

Pitches for single-track vehicles at Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof

You will receive a comfortable 20 m² parking space for a maximum of 2 persons, 1 motorbike and 1 tent, in order to have enough space for your camping equipment.

Parking spaces for multitrack vehicles at Camping PINK Premium & Extra Parking

On the 150.000 m² Camping PINK Premium area you will get pitches with a comfortable 48 m² (6 x 8 m) for a maximum of 8 persons, 1 vehicle and 2 tents on our Green Area to have enough space for your camping equipment. If you need more space, simply book ‚extra length' as an additional package. This allows you to expand to a total of 70 m² (7 x 10 m) of parking space. If you arrive with an additional vehicle there is the possibility to park it for a fee on a separate, nearby parking lot (not at the parking lot!).

Vehicles for which an extra parking space has been booked are parked in a separate area (not at the parking space!). It is not allowed to enter the camping area with this vehicle. The equipment from this vehicle must be brought into the campsite on foot.

Infrastructure of the camping area

Is there electricity?

Your pitch booking includes 1 electricity access. Electricity boxes are regularly distributed throughout the site and are at your disposal for this purpose.

Please note that only 1 Schuko socket 230 V (CEE 7/3), but no power current with 400 V) is available for you at the pitch. If further power connections are used, they will be cut off from the power supply!
Remember to bring your own Euro plug with power cord and/or cable reel of min. 25m. Depending on the location, up to max. 50 m cable length to the next power distributor is required. Please take into account that the power systems for any type of heating/cooking (electric heaters, cooking/grilling) are not designed to operate air conditioners or high power consumers. The use of such electrical consumers with high power is expressly prohibited. In case of use of bad or defective consumers, such as old refrigerators, damaged cable drum, etc., the power access will be prohibited and permanently disconnected.

Please note: It is not permitted to operate generators that you have brought yourself!

Is there water?

There are no direct water and waste water connections at the campsite. Fresh water connections are available centrally in the area near the sanitary facilities and occasionally in separate water containers on the camping meadows. We sign out if it is drinking water. Otherwise, please boil the water before drinking it.

To fill up your water tank in the motorhome/caravan, a water connection with a pipe length of approx. 10 m is available centrally near the sanitary areas.

Where can I dispose of my grey water?

There are separate containers for emptying your camping toilets in the camping area. These are located by the sanitary areas and are signposted.

Is there catering?

Regional and international delicacies await you throughout the weekend. A lovingly prepared breakfast will accompany you into the race day. Warm, freshly prepared meals and snacks are offered throughout the day. Many products are sourced from local partners - we attach particular importance to this. In the evening, you can really celebrate with motor sport friends in a party atmosphere with live acts and public viewing.

Is there a party zone?

Up for any fun? The day is far from over after the race! The entertainment programme in our event area always gives reason to celebrate. Live acts, DJs, public viewing – the races are broadcast on large screens – and much more await you.

And every party has an end! Therefore, it is necessary to observe the specified night rest. Then no more noise/music is allowed. Violations of this, will result in a loss of camping privileges, with no monetary refund.

Where can I get cigarettes?

You can purchase cigarettes in our catering area.

Sanitary facilities at Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof

Our lovingly maintained campsite impresses with its clean and tidy sanitary facilities, which are spread over two sites. You can easily reach all facilities on foot from your pitch. Here you will also find washing-up facilities for your dishes. There are also barrier-free sanitary facilities on the farm premises, which are available for people with a handicap.

Sanitary facilities at Camping PINK Premium

Feel good all around? At Camping PINK Premium we pay special attention to impeccable sanitary facilities. In the premium area there are sanitary tents with modern hand basins, toilets, urinals and showers. These can be individually locked for sufficient privacy. The entire area is constantly cleaned - so well-being is guaranteed.

Is there a separate area and a shuttle service for people with disabilities?

On the grounds of Camping PINK am Birkmoarhof there are limited pitches for people with disabilities, which are located close to the catering and sanitary facilities. Barrier-free sanitary facilities are also available for people with disabilities.

Lost & Found

You have lost or found something? Please contact our Info-Point or send us an email to info@spielberg-camping.at. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Have you found something? Then please hand it in at our Info-Point. Thank you!

Furthermore, you can contact the municipality of Spielberg on + 43 (0) 3512 75 23 031 after the events on this topic.

Do´s and Don´t at the campsite

How are the parking spaces allocated?

The principle ,First-Come-First-Serve' applies. The allocation of the pitches is done exclusively by Camping PINK employees!

Is there a limit to the total weight of my vehicle?

There are vehicles up to max. 7.5 tons total weight allowed on our campsite.

May I keep parking spaces free for people coming after me?

It is not permitted to keep free parking spaces for following campers! If you want to stand next to each other, you must enter the camping area at the same time.

Am I allowed to leave my pitch with my vehicle?

Driving out is not permitted for safety reasons.

What are the consequences of unmeasured behavior at the campsite?

At the camping area socially appropriate appearance and behavior is required. Threats, use of force, discriminatory language and/or gestures, sexual harassment, and any other anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. Such a violation may result in a warning and subsequently a ban from the premises. Any damage is to be reimbursed by the causer. In addition, the operator reserves the right to take legal action (such as action for disturbance of possession, reporting to the authorities or court, etc.).

Drugs, weapons, drones, laser pens, fireworks, gas and oil lamps, large gas bottles (>11 kg), candles and torches, and dangerous objects in general are not allowed.

Drivers under the influence of intoxicants will be prohibited from entering the camping area, with simultaneous loss of the camping booking, without refund of the booking amount.

Can I bring food and drinks into the camping area?

You can bring food and drinks into the camping area. Please note that these are not packed in glass. Glass is not allowed anywhere in the camping area. It is also not allowed to bring large supplies of alcohol and food. These may be checked by Camping PINK staff and their consumption prohibited.

Am I allowed to barbecue in the camping area?

Barbecues are only allowed in suitable containers on the camping site (wood, charcoal, gas). Lighting a campfire is prohibited. Open fires and the use of alcohol or petrol heaters are not permitted.

Am I allowed to take gas bottles into the camping area?

Yes you may (2 x 11 kg)! For safety reasons, you will receive a sticker at check-in to show that you are carrying a gas bottle in your vehicle. Gas appliances must be equipped and serviced in accordance with the standards. If you are using a cooking tent as a group, an approved fire extinguisher must be available.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

Camping PINK at Birkmoarhof: Animals are welcome here. Owners are liable accordingly and are responsible for the animals. Please note that a large event is not a suitable environment for animal welfare.

Camping PINK Premium: Animals are not allowed in the Premium area.

Questions to the surrounding

Where can I do my shopping (groceries, pharmacy, DIY store, etc.)?

In the nearest shopping town Knittelfeld (approx. 5 km away) or in the shopping centre Arena am Waldfeld (approx. 12 km away).

Where are tickets for the Grands Prix weekends available?

You can buy your tickets from gpticketshop at www.gpticketshop.com.

Am I allowed to bring drinks, food, folding chairs, umbrellas etc. into the Ring area?

You can find all information on this at Projekt Spielberg under access criteria.

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